Designed by Alessandro Squarzi and Alessia Giacobino, Fortela is an Italian luxury brand that brings together passion for archive vintage, classic tailoring and hints of western and military. The expression of a free and timeless state of mind, contaminated by experiences and travels, Fortela is the promise of copious cult apparel. That’s thanks to Italian sartorial savoir fare combined with the skill of Japanese weavers, not to mention perfect matchups when it comes to fabrics, weights and cuts. 

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When in 2015 entrepreneur and talent scout Alessandro Squarzi founded Fortela, his aim was to create a collection inspired by the clothes in his own immense wardrobe, one of the most important archives for men’s vintage couture and clothing research in all Europe, which is constantly evolving with new acquisitions.

Alessia Giacobino joined Squarzi in 2020, giving life to the womenswear collection for a notoriously high-demand segment. The Fortela style goes femme. After all, the brand’s stylistic coherence is the key to its success. A neo-soft, contemporary touch in clothing with roots in authentic vintage and the tailor-made tradition. A blend of exquisite Italian craftsmanship and the refinement of Japanese fabrics. Look for references to Navajo culture, the colors of the desert, the wide-open spaces of Montana, workwear and military élan. Echoes of yesteryear, denim is the star of today’s show too. Japanese selvage sewn on original Union Special machines from the 1930s and ’40s, which Squarzi   acquired especially for his workshops.

Denim that harks back to days gone by, perfect for interpretations of statement pieces like classic western shirts, work jackets, jeans. No less desirable are the revisitations of Navajo-style jacquard wool, chinos with a colonial touch, Prince of Wales and tartan patterns, gypsy-chic ponchos, army coats adorned with unique accessories. Find Fortela at flagship stores in Milano and Forte dei Marmi, as well as through the best e-commerce fashion outlets.

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